GAA Medical Club

OFFICERS 2016-2017

     President: Selencia Saladier
     Vice President: Jo Ann Fukuda
     Treasurer: Maekiya Acfalle
     Secretary: Aaliyah Taitano

National Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

OFFICERS 2016-2017

     President: Ji Hye Choi
     Vice President: Glynnell Robinson
     Treasurer: Maekiya Acfalle
     Secretary: Ryleigh Go

Student Association

The Student Association of Guam Adventist Academy consists of all GAA students in regular status. SA officers are elected into office at the beginning of the school year in August. Leadership training takes place during the following month as planning for student activities begin. 

SA OFFICERS 2017-2018

     President: Jo Ann Fukuda
     Vice President for Social Activities: Ji Hye Choi
     Vice President for Religious Activities: Selencia Saladier
     Treasurer: Janelle Kim
     Secretary: Glynnell Robinson

SA OFFICERS 2016-2017

     President: Te'i Sgambelluri
     Vice President for Social Activities: April West
     Vice President for Religious Activities: Ji Hye Choi
     Treasurer: Jo Ann Fukuda
     Secretary: Amanda Poppe