Seniors may attend University of Guam or Guam Community College while attending GAA. A senior may be able to obtain high school or college credit from these education institutions when they have met most of the requirements for graduation and have time in their schedule. GAA seniors taking approved classes are allowed flexibility on/off campus with special permission from the principal to accommodate this opportunity. 


Students with specific subject grades below a “C” will be required to drop unnecessary classes and add a study hall. Students with ‘D’ or ‘F’ grades are encouraged to attend after school tutoring specific to their needs. Parents must make arrangements for transportation to accommodate after school tutoring. 


To graduate from 8th grade, students must have passed all required classes in 7th and 8th grades (i.e. all Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science Social Studies, P.E. and required electives).


The normal class load is seven subjects; students are expected to enroll in a minimum of seven subjects. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis. For permission to enroll in additional subjects, excluding music and physical education, a student must have the signature of their parent(s), the principal, and the registrar. The student must maintain at least a “C” average in all classes.


In order to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to hold office in the various classes and student organizations, no student may hold more than one major office such as president or editor in any given semester.


To add or drop classes, the signature of the parent, teacher, principal, and registrar must be obtained. No class may be added after the first week of the semester.


Credit may be obtained for outside work, such as correspondence, summer school, and community college work. Permission must be obtained prior to taking the course in order to receive GAA credit. Request for credit is to be submitted to the administration by contacting the GAA Office. These credits are to be finished by the start of the second semester of the senior year.  


A student will be considered to be a member of a class by having on file the records showing completion of minimum semester credits required for the previous class plus enrollment in classes providing minimum semester credits required for current class as follows:

Freshman: Completed 8th grade, 0-70 semester credits.
Sophomore: 71-140 semester credits.
Junior: 141-210 semester credits.
Senior: 211-280 semester credits.


A diploma is granted to a student:

·       Who has been in attendance for at least the entire final semester of his senior year.

·       Whose conduct and attendance has been satisfactory.

·    Who has completed in a satisfactory manner a minimum of 280 semester credits. (Please refer to Appendix A.) Students transferring from another school are to meet the graduation requirements set by GAA. Ten (10) units of Bible are required for each year in Seventh-day Adventist school.  

·       Sign graduation contract here.


In order to be eligible for the Merit Scholarship Award a student must meet all Merit Scholarship requirements as indicated by the Government of Guam. Other scholarships for academic achievement will be announced when available.


One transcript will be issued without charge. A fee of $10.00 will be charged for each additional transcript.

A.     An ‘official’ transcript will not be issued for a student with an unpaid school bill except by authorization of the school board. Remember that students who have unpaid accounts will not be allowed to take semester tests or final tests. This will result in (I) Incomplete grades and GPA calculations cannot be made.

B.     The only transcripts that colleges accept as valid are those sent from GAA directly to the registrar or admission office of the college and that transcript must be marked "official". Students requesting a transcript must submit the request in writing and provide the address to which the transcript is to be sent. AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE SCHOOL RECORDS is the form available for this process. The parent must sign, if the student is under the age of eighteen years.

C.    Guam Adventist Academy will accept transcripts from other schools and give GAA credit to allow transferring students to graduate. The credits and grades will be translated for GAA records/transcript according to GAA standards. Only semester grades are recorded on transcripts. Grades for a partial semester are recorded on grade reports at nine week grading periods and retained in the student cumulative file.