Be Drug Free!

Red Ribbon Week is an annual national event honoring Kiki Camarena  and promoting drug awareness. GAA actively participated in this event this year by inviting guest speakers from the community and incorporating the color red in the uniform of our students throughout the week.

Students don the red ribbon on Monday. Tuesday was a red bandana around the left arm. Wednesday was red socks and shoes. Thursday was a red shirt worn backwards. Friday was wear as much red as you can! 

Top classes in the elementary and upper school who participated the most were rewarded with prizes. Top participants were the senior class for upper school and the 1st–2nd grade class for the elementary level. 

There were also contests held to promote drug awareness among students. Elementary students engaged in a poster making contest with the theme "Respect yourselves, be drug free!" while an essay writing contest was held for the upper school students.

Four elementary students' artwork were voted as winners. Fifth grade Momo Nozaki won first place, fifth grade Aria Ward took second place, sixth grade Jonathan Supit and third grade Kurt dela Paz were tied for third place. 

Among the upper school essay entries, three top essays were chosen. Senior Ethan Hoffman won first place, Freshman Jihye Choi was second, and eighth grade Katlyn Buckwalter got third place.