School Begins

New and returning students were happily greeting each other during GAA's opening day. The school year 2015 - 2016 opened with several new students, new teaching staff, new academic programs, and a new classroom.  

GAA started the 2015-2016 school year on a Wednesday. This will give enough time for students to complete registration, get their books, learn about the syllabi from various classes, be assigned a locker, and other important matters that they need to complete.   

The upper school students spent the first the first day learning about new policies and programs that were added this school year. Getting to know activities gave students and teachers to get acquainted.   

The SA acquaintance "Welcome Back" activity took place in the afternoon. This is an annual event that aims to develop a better relationship among GAA's student body from Kinder through 12th grade. The activity always begins with a spiritual note followed by the "Hand shake". 

This school year, the students are looking forward to learning new foreign languages which will also be offered in the elementary. GAA now offers Korean and Spanish in addition to Japanese, which has been previously offered.