Welcome Back!!!

The Guam Adventist Academy campus was aroused from its summer slumber with the sounds of people greeting, feet thumping, lockers slamming, and car doors banging. Students, teachers, and parents mingled in the lobby, office, and the hallways, saying, "Hello," "How are you," and "I missed you," and asking each other what they did for summer. 

The first day of school ran on a special schedule with 24-minute classes in the morning for upper school. Like previous first days, students were bombarded with information -- syllabi, lists of rules and school supplies, and class procedures; a few students took placements tests on top of the customary classroom orientations. After lunch, the students ended the day with laughter and bonding time in the Student Association (SA) game event. (See coverage on SA games). 

On the second day the 7th-12th grade students reported to the upper room for the handbook orientation, while the lower school proceeded with regular lessons. The upper school orientation was approximately 40 minutes long -- significantly shorter than those of previous years. A number of students expressed appreciation for the succinct session. 

With the orientations and welcomes checked off the list, the ship can finally set sail for the new year ahead. Let us allow Jesus to be our helmsman. Let Jesus take the wheel.