SA Acquaintance Day

After a morning filled with class introductions, the students and teachers ended the first day of school with an exciting and fun-filled afternoon of SA games. 

They started off with the annual icebreaker, “The Handshake,” in which all the students lined up and went around shaking people’s hands. Then, they separated into eight teams led by teachers and challenged other teams in eight different rounds.  In one of the games, “Water Cup Relay,” the opposing teams lined up and quickly passed cups of water over their heads to fill a bucket with as much water as they could; the team with the most water in their bucket won. Another thrilling game played was “Pipeline,” which involved moving ping pong balls down different lengths of pipes. The first team to have the ball touch the wall across the field won. This game promoted problem solving and communication. Apart from that, “Magic Carpet,” “Bucket Ball,” and “Hula Hoops” were some other games in the SA event.

The SA games motivated the students to play as a team and emphasized the importance of each member’s participation. These exciting activities were a good opportunity for the whole school to come together, bathe in the sun, laugh, and make memories. What a great way to start off this new school year!