Seek Him, Find Him

Today was the last day of our second Week of Prayer for this school year. The theme of this series was “Seek and Find,” which highlighted the importance of seeking God with all our hearts and knitting a personal relationship with Him. 

On Monday, three teachers -- Mr. Krum, Mrs. Lee, and Mr. McKeever -- shared wonderful testimonies that exemplified the power of a Christian invitation, power of prayer in overcoming addictions, and the power of waiting and trusting in God to lead us to Mr. or Ms. Right at the right time. 

On Tuesday through Friday, Pastor Norton, the President of Guam-Micronesia Mission, delivered captivating and moving messages to the students. He shared stories (infused with sound effects) of his time in Thailand and Palau as a missionary -- specifically the incidents and moments when God revealed Himself to him and strengthened his faith. Pastor Norton related a confrontation with a group of Thai men who threatened to kill one member of his itinerant singing group if they kept singing and preaching; and God gave peace and a touch of His presence to him, and eventually saved the missionary choir. He talked about God’s silencing of a rambunctious crowd of people at a party in Thailand so Pastor Norton and his team could sing Silent Night and other gospel songs. He recounted of a time when God literally took the wheel to save them from a fatal automobile accident. (He also regaled the students with a rap about Noah and the flood!) All this boiled down to the message that if we seek God earnestly, He will reveal Himself to us. In fact, He earnestly desires for us to do so; Jesus gave His life so He could be our friend and Savior. 


Pastor Norton concluded the Week of Prayer with a call to students for baptism. Praise the Lord that 22 students responded to the invitation! The school chaplain and teachers will study the Bible with these students to prepare them for baptism. Please pray for these young people, as well as the rest of the student body, that the seeds planted this week and throughout the school year will be nurtured and grow to bear good fruit.     

GAA faculty and staff, as well as Pastor Norton, have a passion for helping students develop a relationship with God on a personal level. Students who are interested in baptism or Bible studies, or simply have questions about God are wholeheartedly encouraged to talk to a teacher or contact Pastor Norton. 

    This Week of Prayer was one to remember -- a breath of fresh air from the overwhelming routine of school and life. Let us seek and get to know God through daily study of the Bible and give our whole hearts to Him. 

“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” - Jeremiah 29:13