GAA Annual Piano Recital 2017

The Upper Room was filled with harmonious melodies as 25 piano students rendered various musical pieces from classical to Christian genre. These musically talented students work hard under the tutelage of piano teacher Marie Ronquillo Dela Paz. In her nine years at Guam Adventist Academy, students have benefited from her pedagogy, developing self discipline and determination to achieve excellence in their musical abilities.

Serving the Lord and giving glory to Him using their musical abilities is one of the goals of Mrs. Dela Paz. These young pianist are also exposed to playing during school assemblies and small gatherings. She urges parents to continue providing guidance and support to their children at home where they can practice, practice, and practice. 

She is thankful for the opportunity to mentor these young musicians. Witnessing their growth and success is a fulfilling experience for her. 

"Congratulations students, you did well tonight! Keep practicing and don't ever stop making music for God's glory." After another successful piano recital, she hopes that this message will inspire her students to strive for excellence.