Island-Wide Pathfinder Fair 2018


On the 15th of April, Guam Adventist Academy held the very first Guam Micronesian Pathfinder Fair at the Windward Hills campus. Pathfinder Clubs from all over the island participated in the very first event of its kind. Happy Family Kingfishers, Northern Pathfinders, Agat Waves, Korean Koko’s, Ordot Pathfinders, and GAA Maranatha Pathfinders attended the fair and participated in various activities that showcased their Pathfinder skills. 

The excited group of Pathfinders gathered in the gymnasium at 8 a.m. and began the fair with a devotional program led by the Northern Pathfinder Club. Pathfinder director for both Happy Family Kingfishers and GAA Maranatha Pathfinder Club, Bertha Saladier, welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction about the fair. The Pathfinders then participated in a community service effort and cleaned the upper room of the gymnasium. Pathfinders were seen dusting, sweeping, moving furnitures, and picking up trash. After cleaning, all Pathfinder Clubs drilled individually and practiced for the drill down scheduled later that day. After the drill practice, the Pathfinders divided into different groups to learn the Camp Skills honor. The Pathfinders then engaged in the Knot Tying honors class to prepare for the knot tying relay race. The participants did well in the race as the showcased their skills in knot tying. After several rounds of the relay, the Agat Pathfinder Club came out victorious.

Soon the long awaited drill down began. Every Pathfinder club was ready to be the last club standing. There were several winners from the different drill down categories including: the Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Teen Girls, Teen Boy, and Staff Leaders. Each winner won Onward Waterpark tickets. After announcing the winners, all Pathfinders got in formation and closed the very first island-wide Guam Micronesian Pathfinder Fair. 

The very first island-wide Pathfinder Fair was a success and the Pathfinders cannot wait until the next one. Thank you to all the directors who planned such a wonderful event and to the many Pathfinder Clubs who participated. Praise God for the our young people! Let us continue to pray for our Pathfinder Clubs and that they will continue to glorify God in all that they do.