It is the purpose of the GAA Board to keep school charges as low as is consistent with good business management. The school reserves the right to change the rates charged at any time in order to meet changing economic conditions. It has been found that the following policies are in the best interest of the student, as well as of the school:

1. The account for the previous year’s schooling must be settled before the student is permitted to enter for the current school year.

2. Students whose accounts are 30 days delinquent will be suspended from classes until the bill is paid. Remember that tuition is due before the services are rendered. Therefore, being 30 days late means that you didn’t prepay a month’s tuition.

3. In addition, NO student will be permitted to take semester/final exams or return to school unless financial clearance is obtained.

4. Student will not be allowed to participate in graduation or have final grades issued if they did not take any final semester tests or finals. Furthermore, no transcripts of credit can be issued until the tests are taken. The diploma will be released when the student’s account with the school is paid in full. Note: Report cards will be available, but they will have “I” (Incomplete) grades until all tests are taken and graded. Students have 3 weeks from the exam date to take the test. After that grace period, the class must be taken again.

5. If a student withdraws before the end of the school year, the tuition will be prorated based on the total tuition for the school and/or number of days the student is enrolled in school. The withdrawal is not final until the proper forms are filled out and turned in to the office AND the exit interview is completed with the principal. The date on the withdrawal form which is signed by the guardian and the principal is the “last day of classes” date used to calculate refunds.




PreK – K $495
1st – 6th $495
7th – 12th $575
*Based on 10 month plan