The GAA Crest





Current school wide learner outcomes

Glorifying God in Our Personal Lives and Making Socially Responsible Choices

    A    Volunteers to pray in class.
    B    Seeks God’s guidance through the Bible and prayer.
    C    Exhibits the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in their lives through acts of service, contribution of time, skills, and resources, to share God's message of love. 
    D    Shows an appreciation and respect for God’s creation, for other people--their persons and their property.
    E    Desires to spend time developing a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Achieving Academic Excellence with Social Responsibility

    A    Reads, comprehends, writes, listens and speaks at or above grade level
    B    Uses technology & resources to consistently achieve and submit high quality work
    C    Accepts and offers constructive criticism, and revises work to meet or exceed expectations
    D    Identifies and assesses academic goals, then actively pursues them
    E    Assumes leadership roles and promotes cooperation
    F    Demonstrates academic integrity & honesty in all aspects of school life

Applying Diligently the Principles of Healthful Living

    A    Demonstrates a commitment to applying the principles of NEW START.
    B    Engages in physical activities to meet physical goals.