The GAA Crest





Current school wide learner outcomes


Glorifying God in Our Daily Lives

a. Volunteers to pray in class

b. Demonstrates knowledge of tools needed to develop and strengthen a relationship with Jesus Christ; displays a positive attitude; and shares the Gospel, e.g. leads out in Bible studies.

c. Demonstrates knowledge of the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) by exhibiting them in their lives.

d. Contributes freely of time, skills, and resources, to share God’s message of  love.

e. Shows an appreciation and respect for God’s creation.

f. Accepts Jesus as his/her personal Savior, and enthusiastically shares this life changing experience with others.


Achieving Academic Excellence with Social Responsibility

a. Reads/comprehends above grade level

b. Exhibits writing skills above grade level (style, grammar, and content)

c. Speaks e!ectively in both formal and informal settings

d. Uses resources to achieve desired results

e. Submits high quality work

f. Accepts and offers constructive criticism; and revises work until it meets or exceeds expectations

g. Listens, assesses, and correctly interprets information presented in class

h. Sets academic goals and actively pursues them

i. Assumes leadership roles and promotes cooperation

j. Identifes, assesses, and solves personal problems

k. Incorporates the use of technology appropriately


Applying Diligently the Principles of Healthful Living

a. Understands and applies the principles of physical "tness

b. Understands and applies the principles of proper nutrition and healthful living

c. Engages in physical activities to meet personal "tness goals